Garth Baker

Turning the big idea into effective action

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The services I offer are:

  • Designing effective programmes and services.
  • Researching options, including consulting all those involved.
  • Writing plans, proposals and issue papers.
  • Facilitating positive training experiences.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of services and pilots of new developments.
  • Mentoring and professional development.

My focus is on preventing violence, especially men’s’ violence to women and children.

In 2015-16 I’ve worked with New Zealand’s White Ribbon designing a new campaign that promoted respectful behaviour for men and also addressed sexual violence.

This is a bold new approach to preventing violence, by directly promoting the respectful behaviour we want instead of abuse.

This project also involved developing several different toolboxes for men with actions they can take to be respectful towards women.

These unique resources showcase my interest in promoting positive male behaviour.

The posters and flyer of White Ribbon’s 2016 campaign that I’ve been involved in designing are here.

The White Ribbon campaign is based on the principles identified in an issues paper on effectively involving men in preventing violence that I researched and wrote for the New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse in 2013. It’s available here.

As part of my work for White Ribbon I was appointed as a White Ribbon Ambassador, to help promote the cause.

Over the last nine years I have researched, designed and implemented many other initiatives to prevent violence from occurring (primary prevention), as well as designing six programmes for men using violence. I have also facilitated a range of violence prevention training workshops.

This has involved working in different cultural settings – I have designed  innovative ‘Living Without Violence’ programme for Tongan men that is based on key Tongan values, and another similar programme for Samoan men. I also worked with a male health promoters in Papua New Guinea who work to prevent HIV and violence to women. We made promotional videos these men could use to promote positive health messages to others.

In 2014 I had an article on “Using primary prevention strategies in behaviour-change programs” published in the Australian No to Violence Journal.

Check out MY CV for more information.